2G – 4G – Motorway


Coming to a congested, lethal motorway near you soon….convoys of ten HGVs, connected to each other by wifi and remotely controlled by someone in a room.

It’ll be good for the planet, apparently.

Fuel consumption will be slashed, nasty carbon emissions will be reduced, and the sun will put his hat on, hip hip hip hip hooray!

Because when you think about it, sending out huge articulated lorries onto our roads, belting out EMR all around, and with only dummy drivers and a dodgy broadband signal to guide them through all conditions and situations, is a brilliant idea.

“Wifi is more reliable in bad weather”, is the logic according to a spokesperson. So whoever is behind this scheme (hey, it worked in Sweden!!!!) is already showing an admirable lack of sense. Millions of mobile phone customers complain daily about poor reception, and often even no reception at all, so hey…let’s use that same technology to operate HGVs in the wind and rain through some godforsaken part of the A62. Actual human drivers behind the wheel? Well, if you insist but they won’t be doing anything…

Somehow this is all going to make our roads safer, the planet greener and….uh, sorry, I think you’re breaking up…..


Genetic Engine Nearing?


Nevermind DNA damage and genetic mutation caused by the rampant, unchecked and untested use of microwave “smart” technology, and the consequences to human life from exposure to so much EMR…..”WE CAN FIX IT!”, the frontpage headline from November 7th Independent newspaper says.


Yes, the health timebomb that is already ticking, even if some cannot hear it yet, can be avoided thanks to those awfully clever scientist chaps. Except they don’t put it quite like that; no mention is naturally made of why they might be needing to address the problem of rising disease and DNA damage. No, it’s sold to us as An Amazing Thing, something that “made me weep when I saw it”, as one eminent Nobel Prize winner announced to the press.

The idea is no doubt to stop the major DNA/genetic meltdown that is already in progress in the current generations’ children, who have been exposed in the womb, and will carry their parents’ damaged/compromised/altered DNA whilst having a nicely mutated version themselves. Now with CRISPR, they believe they could nip it in the bud, like cutting out the nasty pieces in a slice of fruit. The usual suspects of Alzheimer’s and AIDS are mentioned as immediate beneficiaries of this proposed miracle.

CRISPR is being dressed up as a jaw-dropping piece of science that will turn humanity and medicine on its head, put an end to suffering and illness, and probably put a hat on the sun as well.

As theories go, it’s quite a spectacular attempt to play God, and interfere with human DNA, under the guise of healing the world. Some sketchy information and explanations, based on claims at one University, are immediately taken as proof such a method is possible, let alone if it could be successful on any real level (cloning, anyone?). The problem with scientists is they are always, always so very sure. Convinced. Absolutely positive. Or at least when the claims are coming from them, and not from hundreds of other independent scientists and sufferers of microwave radiation sickness; no, then it’s all anecdotal, unsubstantiated evidence that is worthless, sorry.

The exact purpose of this historic, potentially world-changing discovery going onto the frontpage of the Independent (and its smaller sibling the I), but no other mainstream publications, and then being completely forgotten about within a day, is not clear. Perhaps it’s merely intended to allay fears in several quarters that, despite mounting proof that EMR from cell-towers, smartphones, smart meters and sundry other wireless devices is causing huge problems for people across the world, there is no need to panic.


Too much of “a good thing”…..


We thought the original advert could do with some tweaking….

So, as we fall further down the telecommunications rabbit-hole, the latest bright marketing idea from Vodafone is “designed to keep you up all night”. Oh, the irony.

It’s true though, in a manner of speaking. Exposure to the levels of EMR and ELF used by wireless broadband, 4G and smart technology will certainly stop you from being able to sleep in comfort during the small hours. Just a few of the ways in which it will achieve this nirvana include:

  • Fatigue
  • Heart racing and palpitation
  • Numbness or restlessness in feet and legs
  • Anxiety
  • Tinnitus
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Throbbing and stabbing pains
  • Swollen glands
  • Headaches
  • Rashes
  • Flatulence

..and if you escape all of the above, it can cause insomnia itself. Plus, some less-than-sexy problems such as:

  • Intense and sudden itching/pain/burning of the genital area
  • Immediate/automatic sexual stimulation
  • Immediate swelling of the vaginal walls or penis
  • Increased urination
  • Leaking semen or vaginal fluid

…none of which you’re likely to see in an advertisment for Vodafone Red, or similar telecom campaigns. Red is even the colour assigned to warnings and pain. At the risk of sounding all Richard Littlejohn-esque, you couldn’t make it up.

Quite literally, ouch.

A Good Thing? Really?

Dr Who….or doctored WHO?



The traditionally much-trumpeted return of Dr. Who this year comes with an interesting plot device for its first story. In tonight’s The Bells Of Saint John, according to the BBC blurb, “The Doctor finds himself in modern-day London in his search for Clara Oswald, the mysterious, souffle-baking woman who keeps dying. But there’s a problem. Something dangerous is lurking in the city’s wi-fi signals, uploading people’s minds and imprisoning them – and among those targeted is none other than the woman he has travelled halfway across the galaxy to find.”

Gosh. Imagine that. Something dangerous in the wi-fi signals. Who’d have thought there could ever be any harm in those, after all they’re all around us now, everyone’s using smartphones, the sexy ads are on TV and the internet non-stop, the lovely caring phone companies keep trying to give away as much free airtime and texts as we can eat……yeah, it would have to be some kind of amazing fantasy sci-fi story of an evil alien race….it’s completely unthinkable in the real world!


It’s all very real. Away from the whizz-bang amazingness of the latest CGI, and an impossibly cute new female companion to distract the eyes, the subtext here is presumably that the blanket of radiation we’re living in day and night as we try to work, rest and play is completely harmless…until a demented baddie gets hold of it and tries to do nasty things to our impossibly cute new female companion. For a sci-fi premise of “good-thing-used-against-humanity-to harm-them” to make its point, the concept has to involve a good thing in the first place. All the mounting scientific and anecdotal evidence across the entire globe suggest that wi-fi, and all its various guises (4G, smart grids, The Internet Of Things) is quite clearly NOT a good thing. For any of us, or anything on the planet. Trees, insects, animals. Even the weather.

So, are the makes of Dr. Who genuinely ignorant of any problems concerning wi-fi, or how the technology operates in a way that harms everything it comes into contact with?  Or is it a neat little piece of diversionary misinformation, designed to subtly equate wi-fi dangers with far-fetched ideas of alien masterplans on a TV show in the impressionable minds of those watching?

The show has in fact been here before, several years ago with The Age Of Steel, when the Cybermen took control of humanity/society via the bluetooth headsets people (still) wear. Is it a subversive way for well-intentioned writers to warn of the perils, or a way of dismissing genuine issues with the technology, which are very real and not some crazed alien psycopath’s doing?

Does this kind of plot, using wi-fi or bluetooth in a popular, mainstream sci-fi/fantasy programme do more harm than good? Because the odds are surely that joe public will associate the bad side of this technology with a piece of fantasy, instead of the real-world problems it is causing to all of us, everyday of our lives?


This One’s For The Children

Liberate, not radiate, for our own sake...


In the UK in recent years there have been two known suicides by Electrosensitives – one a woman and the second a relatively young man. There are doubtless many more suicides – unreported. Three years ago in Ireland, on the 19th May 2008, an ES/MS sufferer died shortly after he was forcibly exposed to non-ionising microwave radiation when a newly installed wi-fi transmitter overlooking his home was turned on. His death was witnessed and recorded. Many others have died from this radiation.

Their deaths are ignored or explained away by referring to causes other than radiation. Electrosensitvies have been committed to psychiatric hospitals. The Irish Government 2007 Report ‘Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation’ suggests that anyone who claims to become ill from mobile phone mast radiation has psychological problems. This government stance is based on a dishonest cloaking of the medical and scientific evidence ( see http://www.biointiativereport 2012 update) whhich in turn encourages intolerance from family, friends and the wider community, inviting disbelief and ridicule. No wonder some elecrosensitives see death as the only way out.

  • What is ES/MS and why does it start?

This condition is called electrosensitivity in western Europe and America, and microwave sickness in Russia. In the West it is not a medical diagnosis; however in Russia, under the name microwave sickness, it has been accepted as a medical diagnosis since 1974. Sweden leads the world as a progressive and humane government in providing special housing for ES/MS sufferers. The first experiments with microwaves in 1924 showed adverse biological effects and the term ‘microwave sickness’ was first used in 1932. The condition comes about as a result of prolonged exposure to microwave radiation, or electromagnetic radiation emitted by electricity pylons, grids, power lines and electrical aappliances. In my case ES/MS began after exposure to microwave radiation from a Vodafone mobile phone antenna mast, so this article is written from my own experience of lilving with ES/MS which has been triggered by microwave radiation.

  • What is life like llving with ES/MS?

When you become ES/MS life changes completely. An electrosensitive can no longer mix with family, friends or community, or stay too long in any public area where there is microwave radiation. Irish people lilke to talk and text on their phones more than any other European nation. The blessing of the ‘gift of the gab’ – in the context of mobile phone use – becomes a curse for electrosensitives.

Losing your job and not being able to return to work means loss of income and resultant financial stress, on top of the stress of social isolation, of not being able to attend family events, Christmas get-togethers, weddings, funerals, christeningts, going out for birthdays or just down to the pub with friends. You can sometimes succumb to pressure and make an effort to go to these events, but every minute is an ordeal as you pretend to feel fine, or if you do feel ok you pay the price afterwards. The radiation effect is cumulative, but it can zap you immediately or slowly build up so that after several hours exposure you are knocked out for days afterwards.

Existence becomes constricted to the home and lifestyle becomes monk-like. If the home is also polluted with radiation – and ubiquitous masts and disguised wi-fi transmitters ensure that this is the case in many homes – the electrosensitive does not have many options. You can try to move house and relocate to an area with low or no radiation but this is not possible for the great majority of people. Relocation also involves cost regarding measurements/readings taken at any possible new location to attempt to find a radiation free site with no guarantee that the new site will remain mast free. In one case a family moved eleven times, and masts followed them whereever they went.

In radiation polluted homes electrosensitives can die prematurely from ES/MS induced illness, or they can try to live beneath expensive protective tent type canopies, wearing protective shielding clothes which can restrict movement and vision. Such strategies can render life within the home pretty miserable. Even such limited measures are beyond the financial reach of those electrosensitives reduced to living on social welfare, who have to carry on with no protection. The majority of western governments (with the exception of a progressive country like Sweden where special housing is provided for the ES/MS) do not recognise the condition and therefore refuse to help.

To live with ES/MS you have to be resourceful and manage your life around it as much as you possibly can. Avoidance is the key strategy. Avoiding places at peak times, balancing days out with days in to recover, avoiding too much tv and time on the computer (impossible for many) are all measures which help. In a lot of cases you have to leave your old friends, family and community behind, where there is no understanding nor wish to understand. You have a choice, to join a new community, developing lasting friendships because they, like you, have suffered the same social isolation and lack of understanding in their attempts to live with this disabling and life-changing condition.

  • Preventing our children from becoming electrosensitive/microwave sick.

Currently the Ministers for Communications and Education are overseeing the rolling out of Wi-Fi in schools and colleges across Ireland. Much of the work is already done. Children in Ireland start using mobile phones at a younger age, around eight years, and spend longer on their phones than their counterparts in Europe. Their exposure to radiation is already considerable as many children sleep with them under their pillows. Wi-Fi in schoolols will mean that children will be exposed 24/7 to radiation at a time when their skulls are thinner and therefore absorbing far more radiation than an adult. The radiation affects everyone, but some have a greater sensitivity and their body will develop symtoms immediately. If the Wi-Fi in schools policy is not stopped and reversed considerable numbers of children will go on to develp ES/MS and they too will be condemned to living outside society.

Having ES/MS means leaving your old life behind. It is gone. Survival means joining a new community in whatever way you can because this is your life now.

You have to make the best of what you have got but it is a condition you would not wish on your worst enemy. never mind a child. Do we really want this for our children ?

As is the case with a lot disabilities, the loneliness that having ES/MS engenders, of being unable to socialise in the normal activities of work and play that give meaning to our lives, is also the reason, paradoxically, for the fostering of bonds of friendship that develop in a united community fighting for recognition, medical and practical help and justice.

ES/MS is a heavy enough burden for adults to bear – adults who have had a radiation free childhood and young adulthood – without expecting the very young to be also burdened with this condition. Many children are now showing ES/MS symptoms in schools where there is wi-fi. The prospect of having an entire new generation of young children afflicted with ES/MS will be a tragedy which will cost society far more in the long term than we can imagine.

Knowing the damage this radiation can cause, in the light of yet more evidence, this time from the Bioinitiative Report Update 2012, do we have the right to inflict the life long loneliness and despair of ES/MS on the next generation?

Politicians do not have the right to expose our children to radiation never tested for safety, provided by an unregulated industry which is illegally operating without any public liability insurance because no insurance company will touch it due to the well known health risks.

We can act now to halt this process and undo the damage. Safe biological limits for exposure to microwave radiation need to be set and mobile phones and wi-fi need to be taken out of schools and colleges immediatiely as is already the case in the top private schools and colleges in Europe. We need to start writing to TDs and ministers to demand that this madness stop.

In a democracy the tyrannical imposition of a dangerous radiation on the public, especially our children, should not happen. And if it is happening then the Ministers for Health, Education and Communications should publicly engage with electrosensitives, their organisations, and parents to explain why they are ignoringt the scientific and medical evidence of harm – nine decades of harm – electrosensitives being the living evidence of the damage this radiation can do.

Our medical files are held in Wexford in government offices in the department of the Environment, along with the science report presented to the Irish Government – the Dr Neil Cherry Report of 2000, containing 120 research papers showing evidence of adverse health effects from microwave radiation – evidence which our individual medical files confirm.

The 850 million euro ( public money from an uninformed public purchasing phone credit, new phones and other gadgets and software) given to the government by the mobile phone industry before Christmas may be a lot of money but not one cent is worth destroying the life of a child.

It is time that the Irish government revealed to the public what they have known for decades – that this radiation is toxic and causes autism, cancer, fatal heart conditions, suicidal tendencies and all sorts of illnesses as it destroys the immune system and the body is unable to defend itself from disease. It has been known to cause cancer since the end of the second world war. It has been known to cause cell death, cancer and suicide since 1974.

It is time that the Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly, Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte, and Minister for Education Ruari Quinn stopped polluting homes and schools with a carcinogenic radiation ( WHO decision May 2011 -microwave radiation a possible carcinogen – Italian Supreme Court decision October 2012 microwave radiation a probable carcinogen) and considered the evidence and the threat to public health that their reckless and uninsured policies are posing.

Our children trust us and we trust our leaders to protect their health. That trust is being betrayed.

The media blackout on this scandal should end as Ireland struggles with an epidemic of cancer, suicide and autism. The deception that this radiation is harmless is over.

It is time for Irish politicians to tell the public the truth.

To Die For?

Makes you want to Scream...


Every decade seems to bring its own scandals –  with the cover ups and denial of truth as bad as the original injustice. The Mobile Phone Scandal has yet to hit the headlines and if the Irish Government has its way the medical evidence will remain secret for another ten, twenty or thirty years.

I know the story from the inside because I, like thousands of others, am part of that medical evidence and have been for most of the past decade.

To attempt to put into words exactly what is going on is not easy for a number of reasons. Firstly because, as ever with Government and Industry collusion where fear of litigation determines policy and strategy, much care and thought has been put into ensuring that the truth – the medical evidence – can be skilfully explained away.

Secondly the issue is so vast, on a global scale with massive amounts of money involved and mechanisms in place to  protect vested interests and undermine efforts to get the message across to the public, that approaching the issue at all is  a very daunting prospects.

Thirdly, when health is damaged by microwave radiation sickness it can affect the ability to organise thoughts and rationally and logically argue the case so therefore anyone suffering from Microwave Sickness is at an immediate disadvantage. However I will persevere because the question needs to be answered as to why the U.S.  and E.U.  parliaments and the Irish Government insist that microwave sickness/poisoning be relabelled as ‘electrosensitivity’.

I used to believe that the Irish Government would not knowingly damage the health of its citizens. I no longer hold that belief.

The reason the government is choosing not to protect the health of the general public, which is its first duty, is because of the approximately 850million euro given into state coffers two months ago, with a promised annual payment of just under 500 million euro for the next however many years, all given by the mobile phone industry in return for more licences to operate as the state flogs off more of the air spectrum. The air pollution and contamination this radiation causes doesn’t seem to bother politicians. Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte has sanctioned the continued roll-out of wi-fi in all schools.

Right now in Irish hospitals children are presenting – in a steady stream – with brain tumours, leukaemia, heart problems, autism and all kinds of ailment as a result of a compromised immune system, triggered by 24/7 exposure to radiation. Likewise a growing number of young men and women are being operated on for the removal of tumours and cysts on a scale hitherto unimagined. The HSE or whatever name the Irish health authority is currently called will not publish the data and when asked to conduct a survey on the child cancer clusters around the masts in and around  Waterford Regional hospital they point blank refused.

Since 1924, when the first experiments were done with microwave radiation, it was known to cause adverse biological reactions. This evidence and all the other evidence of the past nine decades has been successfully covered up. It can be said that electrosensitivity and microwave sickness are interchangeable terms but there are a few reasons why the government is eager to label this condition electrosensitivity:

1. Unlike microwave sickness, electrosensitivity is not a medical diagnosis, therefore the health authorities can and do refuse to help.

2. Electrosensitivity provides a disconnect with mobile phone microwave sickness, reassuring the public that they are not affected.  It also marginalises those affected as being somehow odd.

3. When the emphasis is put on the individual, that the condition is their own fault due to a genetic weakness liability is avoided. What is a straight forward case of environmental pollution causing radiation poisoning becomes an ultrasensitivity of these strange hypersensitive individuals.

Governments are eager to call mast triggered  microwave radiation sickness electrosensitivity because it enables both them and their partners the mobile phone industry to evade all responsibility.

At the end of the day it does not matter what it is called as long as Governments act now to stop this pollution.  We need to learn from the Trobriand  Islanders. Unless we act now, by abandoning microwave radiation in all its forms we face a public health and environmental disaster – even greater than the one we have at the moment.

Ireland is in the middle of a suicide, cancer and autism epidemic. It is time for the Irish Government to be honest, to apologise to those families whose relatives have died from enforced exp0sure to this radiation and to those whose health has been permanently damaged, as a result of an unregulated uninsured industry being allowed free rein.  The public are encouraged by governments to use mobile phones, irradiating themselves and their children 24/7 while governments sit on the scientific evidence which they have known about for many decades, evidence proving that microwave radiation is toxic to all life forms.

Polluters should pay but this situation has been created by the Irish government, the main beneficiary of such pollution. Medical and practical help should be offered and redress – a paltry substitute for lost years, lost health and loss of life.

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

“No Future”?

Here are a few things they don’t tell you about mobile phone technology:

“The safety levels date from the 1990s and are based purely on the heat generated from holding it to next to the head of a healthy adult for a total of 6 minutes.”

How many people in today’s world still use a 1990s cell-phone for a total of 6 minutes in their life? And how many users of mobile phones now are children?

“ICNIRP – the organisation responsible for setting these out-of-date, irrelevant safety levels which governments still use – have been found guilty of including senior, influential members who are also lobbyists for the major Telecom companies. This serious conflict of interest has only rarely been admitted or challenged.”

So via infiltration of supposedly neutral bodies that should have public interest at heart, your friendly O2s, Vodafones, Virgin Medias and Everything Everywheres – the ones with the sexy soft-focus ads and never-ending offers of free goodies – are allowed to decide for us what is safe and what isn’t. And if any of the genuinely concerned scientists on the ICNIRP council express concern, the infiltrators will shout them down or discredit them.

“The Russians were using the same microwave technology for decades during the Cold War to aid in torturing victims”.

Ouch, not so sexy huh. The blinged-up little piece of tech that so many clutch in their hand all day is based on science that could cause enough pain and mental anguish to be of use to the military.

“It isn’t magic”.

Despite suggestions to the contrary, mobile phones – and especially the latest smartphones, iPads and laptops – cannot successfully function on thin air alone. There is a reason why making a cell-phone call used to involve a large aerial, a several-second delay in connection, and quite often an undesired disconnection.

It isn’t purely technological advances that are behind the apparent ability to do just about anything anywhere on your mobile device, watch films and sport, or browse the internet nowadays; the reality is that an oppressive, overloaded grid network of huge, ugly, carcinogenic, DNA-altering towers and beacons – plonked on almost every available rooftop, building wall, traffic junction, street lamp and even any open space -are making this possible.

The adverts never show them, and this link between the amazingly sophisticated, groovy gadgets and how they are able to even attempt to do what they claim to do is never made. Next time you see one (every few seconds, if you’re driving, anytime if you look outside your window or walk out into the street), remember that while they are providing all this at-our-fingertips freedom, they are emitting a range of unregulated, untested, borderline-illegal microwave radiation frequencies that muck up our bodies and jam our brains. They make us aggressive, irrational, forgetful, prone to making wrong decisions, cloud our judgement, and leave us hampered by mystery ailments.

“Although the ads say Welcome To A Life Without Limits, every part of our normal day-to-day existence is negatively affected and limited by this technology.”

Besides the social and cultural effects of information overload, desensitisation to our surroundings and loss of perspective and empathy, what this stuff is actually doing to us physically and biologically will reverberate for generations. Human DNA and behaviour is being compromised on a daily basis in the name of entertainment masquerading as corporate greed and control.

But they’re hardly going to tell you that….